About Red Dog Mercantile

Red Dog Mercantile was founded in 2012 by Ron Davison. His “Girl Friday” is his wife, Charlene Anderson.

Ron grew up in London, England, and after graduating college started working for a British-based company, literally working his way around the world as a professional photographer. Ron immigrated to the United States in 2003, and in 2007 became a United States citizen.

Born in Hollywood, California, Charlene grew up on a horse ranch, moved to Hawaii after she graduated from college, and finally settled in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Charlene has run her own retail business since 1984, providing outstanding products and service to creative people worldwide.

What We Do
Red Dog Mercantile is dedicated to bringing high-quality, creative products to the marketplace.
We look for products that match our interests and passions. We want to know the product—not just sell widgets. Folks should have fun—after all, there’s nothing wrong with spreading a little joy and happiness!

Why We Do It
We have a passion for creativity and love to share our finds with the world. We love traveling and meeting new people. We’ve each had the privilege of travelling to over 100 countries! Most of all, we love finding people who are passionate about the products they have created and want to see them bring joy to others.

So Why Choose Red Dog Mercantile to handle your online sales? 

  • We pay quickly
    We are happy to pay immediately with a credit card or on 30-day terms once you have verified our credit. You will never wait 90 days or more to be paid for your products.
  • We honor your pricing
    We love companies that have MAP (Minimum Advertised Pricing) on their products. We can help you enforce MAP pricing so there’s no race to the bottom in pricing your products. This helps protect your brand and the reputation you have built for that brand.
  • We can sell just as much as everyone else combined!
    We can sell the same amount of your product as all other sellers combined. Economics tells us that there are only so many buyers for a particular product on a single sales channel, in fact, we literally wrote the book on the subject! 1

Would you rather send ten units each to ten different retailers or 100 units to Red Dog Mercantile? We can help you structure your Amazon presence for the best exposure without worries that someone else will devalue your product’s image or price.

All About Amazon
We hear all the time from product owners and manufacturers that don’t want to be on Amazon for one reason or the other. We’ve heard the horror stories, and we have the solution.

Here are some reasons why your products must be on Amazon:

  • Amazon is the shopping search engine – it’s the place where more shoppers go to look for your product than any other – with 44% of customers going directly to Amazon first 2 
  • Amazon’s easy checkout, fulfillment and customer service creates a seamless buying experience for your products
  • Amazon’s review platform can help boost sales for your products
  • Amazon’s Prime Membership allows for free shipping in 2 days, or less in some cases; currently the program has over 80 million Prime members worldwide, with 60 million of those in the US

But Maybe You’re Sick of Amazon
We hear from people everyday that are sick of selling directly to Amazon. It’s unfortunate, but Amazon’s purchasing policies don’t always work for smaller manufacturers.

So what are some of the problems?

  • 90+ day credit terms
  • Forced return of warehouse and customer damaged items
  • Forced return of unsold products
  • Larger and larger discounts required on each order

Why Choose Red Dog Mercantile to sell your products on Amazon?
When we list your products on Amazon, we do so in a way to make sure your products get the best possible exposure—that way, they sell. This may sound easy enough, but to be fair, anyone can list products for sale on Amazon. Red Dog Mercantile goes further and partners with you to protect your brand identity. This starts with registering your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry. If you have registered trademarks, we can watch for sellers violating your brand and report them to you or your designee.

We utilize Amazon product ads, at our expense. We also will create unique listings, or improve existing listings (if applicable) for your products. So many times we find duplicates of products, pricing problems and unclear listings for products that would do so much better with a little personal attention—that’s what sets us apart.


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